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Why Join VOMI?

Since our introduction of the virtual organization management discipline in 1997, we have evolved to a point wherein it is no longer necessary or even practical for us to try to answer that question for the simple reason that just about very single prediction and reason that VOMI and its founder have made and given over the past 23 years with respect to WHY WE SHOULD ALL LEARN HOW TO BUILD, OPERATE AND LEAD VIRTUAL ORGANIZATIONS (i.e., Build your very own Virtual Organization Leadership Force) have come to fruition. THE FUTURE IS HERE!

Take your pick from the many reasons we gave, and predictions we made, over these past 23 years: GLOBAL PANDEMICS; Devastating Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure; Ransomware Attacks; the increasing use of Biological Weapons on other nations; the frequent use of Tactical Nuclear Weapons on the battlefield; a potential Collapse of the Current Global Financial System; the very real threat of All-Out Nuclear War; as well as the constant drumbeat and inexorable march toward the Apocalypse.

All of which not only require but also necessitate that All Businesses and Governments Worldwide put in place meaningful and realistic Business and Government Continuity of Operations Plans which incorporate at their very core a formidable Virtual Organization Leadership Force that is able to operate and thrive - unrestricted - across all domains and time zones.

The short answer is: Business and Government Continuity of Operations; Our Civilization; this World of Virtual Organizations we call "The New Virtual Organization World"; the Survival of The Human Race and our strive toward Human Evolution - all of these things can only be made possible through the faithful implementation of the Virtual Organization Management discipline pioneered by the founder of VOMI over the past 23 years.

Moreover, VOMI has made it possible for you to quickly answer that question by making available to you an astounding number of Dynamic, Bold, Ambitious, Audacious, Life-Transforming and Futuristic VOMI Global Initiatives currently under way :: Initiatives that a qualitative and impressive number of Dynamic, Bold, Ambitious and Audacious Executives and Futurists throughout your organization can participate in.

We especially invite you to review some basic information about the current Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System initiative underway at The New Virtual Organization World Consortium.

Last but not least, you can always begin to familiarize yourself with the basic tenets of the "real-world application" of the virtual organization management discipline by immersing yourself into the VOMI Blog.


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