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More About VOMI International Circle

VOMI International Circle Membership Details

This membership is an Exclusive Corporate Membership reserved to C-level executives, VP & Directors of Global 5000 companies; leading members of academia; high-level policymakers from government, think tanks, and major public policy and interest groups; and leading innovators and industry representatives with virtual teams, remote teams, globally distributed teams, telecommuters, or flexible workforce; who have a strong interest in virtual organizations and virtual organization management.

Annual Membership Fee: $3500

Your VOMI International Circle Membership includes:

  • Invitation to join the prestigious VOMI Global Think Tank as an Official Global Ambassador - subject to meeting membership requirements. Gives you an opportunity to introduce and represent VOMI and VOMI Global Think Tank at the highest levels of business, government and academia in your country.
  • One-Time Only $5000 discount upon enrollment into the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive designation program offered at VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.
  • $5000 discount per person (only for you and one guest) on the purchase of each ticket to our annual The New Virtual Organization World Global CEO Summit.
  • Speaking Opportunities, if qualified, at any live VOMI events held either via videoconference or at a live venue.
  • Preferred Seating for all members at our annual The New Virtual Organization World Global CEO Summit.
  • Terms and Conditions

    1. All details on this webpage and on the website in general regarding the VOMI International Circle membership are incorporated herein by reference and made a part of these terms and conditions.
    2. You agree that your organization as a legal entity, and you as an individual member, will refrain from directly linking your membership activities - or from giving the appearance thereof to anyone in any way, shape or form that such activities are related - to any criminal, illegal and/or immoral activities which will bring disrepute to, and/or negatively affect, all the other members of VOMI International Circle. Any violation of this clause is ground for automatic expulsion from VOMI International Circle and no refund will be provided for any remaining term of the membership.
    3. NO REFUND will be provided under any circumstances once you submit this application and pay the membership fee.
    4. You agree that this Agreement shall be governed by California law without reference to its conflicts of law principles. The parties hereby irrevocably consent to the jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Los Angeles County, State of California, in any action arising out of or relating to this Agreement, and waive any other venue to which either party may be entitled by domicile or otherwise.
    5. You agree that if any term of this agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be legally invalid and unenforceable, then it shall be severed from this agreement and the remaining terms shall continue to apply in full force.
    6. You also agree that if any action at law or in equity is brought to enforce or interpret the provisions of this Agreement, the prevailing party in such action shall be awarded its attorneys' fees and costs incurred.
    7. You agree, by submitting this VOMI International Circle application for membership, that you are legally authorized to do so by your employer and that you agree to all the terms and conditions of this membership on behalf of your employer.

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