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Who Should Attend This Seminar?

  • Global Sourcing & Recruiting: Chief Talent Officers, VP & Directors, Managers. It's no longer about who's got more internet recruiting and sourcing technical skills. Why? That's because the 21st Century talent your organization needs - the one who can adapt and thrive in the new virtual organization - has a completely different mindset than the traditional candidate. Learn how to consult with hiring managers and other stakeholders on how to Identify, Assess, Recruit, and Evaluate the best talent able to adapt and thrive in the new Virtual Organization.
  • Human Resources: Chief People Officers, VP & Directors, Managers. Learn how to link virtual organization recruitment to attracting and engaging high-value, high-impact talent and to business performance; as well as make the case for getting acknowledged in the board room or executive office as a Strategic Business Partner.
  • Organizational Development: Chief Learning Officers, VP & Directors, Managers. No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Learn how to integrate virtual organization recruitment best practices, policies and procedures in your existing effort to lead cultural change throughout your organization in order to unleash the tremendous power and creativity potential of your workforce. Learn to create, assess, and monitor continuous virtual organization management learning and professional development programs designed to deliver the best talent ROI and eclipse your nearest competitor.
  • Innovation-focused Founder, CEO, COO, and CFO. You Snooze, You Lose! You can't afford to get caught sleeping at the switch. Learn how Virtual Organization Management - and, specifically, Virtual Organization Recruitment - translates into Innovation, Agility, Flexibility, and Speed - the key levers of performance for your organization that will most effectively communicate your message and deliver value to your clients, shareholders, and all other stakeholders.
  • Venture Capital: Managing Director, Partner, Associate, Analyst. Learn how to inject Virtual Organization Recruitment best practices, policies and procedures in your existing portfolio of investments in order to turbocharge their performance; and use it also as an additional benchmark for future investment and performance criteria purposes.
  • Visionaries & Thought Leaders from All Disciplines. Learn how to integrate real-world and practical virtual organization management concepts and techniques, including virtual organization recruitment, into your individual discipline in order to deliver added-value to your audience.
  • Business Leaders: VP, Directors & Line Managers. Complacency and Becoming Irrelevant are 2 sides of the same coin. The more successful you are as a VP, director or manager, the more concerned you should be about one day becoming "irrelevant." Learn to be a change agent instead of becoming a victim of change. Lead high-impact teams that create disruptive innovation through the power of collaborative empowerment made possible through virtual organization recruitment.


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