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Course Title:   Virtual Internship 101: How to Adapt & Thrive in a Virtual Environment

Class Format:   1 Hour Professor-Led Audio-Web Course for Executives, Talent Acquisition Leaders, & Internship Candidates

Pricing:   $219

Early Bird Discount:   Save $100 if you register within 24 hours of email notification.

U.S. Military Discount:   Thank You For your Service Gift of $100 for all disabled or access-challenged veterans from Vietnam era and forward; and for all active duty personnel and their dependents. Proof of military service required.

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Virtual Internship 101:
How to Adapt & Thrive in a
Virtual Environment
7:00 am-8:00 am PST
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Course Description

Working as an intern in a virtual environment--within the context of either a brick and mortar entity or a virtual organization with real structure that requires accountability--is a completely different ball game and requires much much more than just online classes, online school research, participation in social online networks, or web surfing experience.

Specifically, a virtual internship presents a myriad number of challenges that interns are just not prepared for and which practically guarantee their failure - that is, of course, IF the affected stakeholders-meaning the intern, employer, and educational institution-are not adequately prepared to address and overcome these challenges. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

This course provides all stakeholders-intern, employer, and educational institution-with a comprehensive overview of these challenges as well as virtual organization internship best practices, policies and procedures that will allow all interns to ADAPT and THRIVE in this new virtual "work" environment; knowledge that will make their virtual internship a memorable, exciting, enriching and invaluable practical learning experience.

About Faculty
Professor Pierre Coupet, the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute, evangelizes and teaches extensively on the subject of virtual organization management, virtual organization recruitment, and virtual internships to leading corporate executives at Global 2000 and other leading, blue chip companies worldwide as well as to students and other stakeholders. He has trained hundreds of virtual interns over the past 10 years and currently oversees a robust virtual internship program at NetWEB Elite Solutions, Inc., the world's leading and preeminent virtual organization management consulting firm.

He is also the founder of the modern virtual organization management and recruitment discipline pioneered since 1997 and is recognized worldwide as the World's Foremost Expert on Virtual Organization Recruitment and Management. He is the author of numerous articles on Virtual Organization Recruitment and Management - having been featured on some of the leading HR and recruitment online publications such as ERE.net, HR Resource, HR.com, Human Capital Institute, College Recruiter.com, etc.. He is also the Founder, CEO & Chief Virtual Organization Architect of NetWEB Elite Solutions, Inc.

For over 13 years, he was the founder and head of a national executive search firm whose clientele included Fortune 500 and other leading, blue chip companies nationwide such as Microsoft, Sun America, Allianz, Litton Industries etc.

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is a "must" for:

  • Potential Virtual Interns worldwide
  • Faculty at all educational institutions worldwide
  • College Students worldwide
  • Career Services Advisors at all educational institutions worldwide
  • Internship Program Administrators at all educational institutions worldwide
  • Internship Program Administrators at Global 5000 companies
  • Business Leaders & Managers
  • Human Resource Executives
  • Disabled or Access-Challenged Military Veterans nationwide

You Will Learn
The 5 Pillars of a Virtual Internship Program: We will go over the five main benefits of a virtual internship program and why everyone-intern, employer, and educational institution-quickly stands to gain. Interns will learn how to leverage this exciting, enriching and invaluable practical learning experience as a stepping stone toward rewarding and lucrative opportunities with future employers who are looking to staff their organization with 21st Century Talent.

21st Century Virtual Intern Profile: A virtual internship is not for everyone. You will learn how to use virtual internship recruitment best-practices, policies and procedures for identifying 21st century Virtual Internship Talent who are able to adapt and thrive in a virtual environment or the new virtual organization.

How to Set Up a Virtual Internship Infrastructure: We'll go over the most basic and essential tools required as well as knowledge of virtual internship processes, best practices, policies and procedures that all individual stakeholders-intern, employer, and educational institution-must possess in their arsenal in order to have a successful virtual internship program.

Managing a Virtual Internship Program: You will learn how to approach, and partner with, management in order to set up and manage a virtual internship program in your organization; as well as how to gain recognition and appreciation in your new role as a Strategic Business Partner.


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