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Type of Event: 3-Day Event    (third week of every October)   | BY INVITATION ONLY: Annual Global CEO Summit for CEOs and other Prominent Industry Executives and Public Policy Leaders who are interested in staying abreast of the latest developments in The New Virtual Organization World

Cost of Event: USD $25,000 per person

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Join us at our inaugural The New Virtual Organization World Global CEO Summit on October 18-21, 2022 at a luxury resort destination -- an annual global meeting of prominent industry executives, human capital leaders, academics, current and former public policy leaders; leading Scientists, Technologists, Innovators, Thinkers, Futurists and Visionaries.

As we explore the momentous challenges that we face in today's Brick and Mortar and Virtual Organization Landscape; the latest technologies, concepts and future trends; their effect on the rapid Virtualization of the Workspace, Virtualization of the Workforce and Virtualization Convergence; their connection to the Virtual Organization Management discipline and the otherworldly Principled Geopolitical Leadership and POLITICAL EVOLUTION concepts; what this all means for your organization, the global community at large, the future of humankind in The New Virtual Organization World - and HUMAN EVOLUTION.
  • Virtual Organizations
  • Virtual Organization Leadership
  • Principled Geopolitical Leadership
  • The New Virtual Organization World
  • A Civilized World
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Distributed Ledger Technology
  • RAIDA Technology - Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Digital Currencies
  • Cloud Currencies
  • Plasma Gans Technology
  • Plasma Shield Technology
  • A Civilized World Financial System
  • Futuristic Health Care
  • Futuristic Agriculture
  • Virtual Campus Dormitories
  • Virtual Residential Communities
  • Virtual Corporate Campuses
  • Virtual University Campuses
  • Smart Cities
  • Futuristic Cities
  • Futuristic Ocean Cities
  • Futuristic Space Cities
  • Futuristic City-State Enclaves
  • Futuristic Underground Facility (UGF) Architecture
  • Artificial General Intelligence - AGI
  • Biological Internet - Bi-Fi
  • Neural Internet
  • Organic Internet
  • Personal Quantum Computer - PQC
  • Personal Bi-Fi Computer - PBC
  • Personal Neural Computer - PNC
  • Personal Organic Computer - POC
  • Private Banking System
  • Private International Settlements Banking System
  • Futuristic Private Space Vehicle

You will not want to miss this event if any of the following apply to your organization:
  • Do the words "Global Pandemic, Global Economic Meltdown, Collapse of Global Financial System" send chills down your spine and constantly force you to re-evaluate how you organize to keep calm and prosper under adverse conditions or to just stay afloat?
  • Do you feel that there is no such thing as "too big to fail" and you need every bit of an edge you can get?
  • Are your newest and most agile, innovation-focused and internet-savvy competitors circling and swirling around your supertanker organization at high speed while you're standing there frozen in time and feeling helpless about your ability to prevent them from grabbing your market share?
  • Are you stuck in Outsourcing Hell or Purgatory---there is NO outsourcing Heaven---and feel that, in order to compete, you have no other choice?
  • Do you know the real difference between remote worker, virtual worker, virtual team, virtual collaborator, virtual organization collaborator, virtual organization executive, virtual organization leadership executive, globally distributed teams, remote global teams?
  • If you need help in developing your country, state, city or municipality's strategy to attract new digital economy businesses and spur the growth of your local economy and revenue base.
  • If you want to learn how Principled Geopolitical Leadership can make your entire Country, Organization and Executive Leadership Team SANCTIONS-PROOF.
  • If you want to learn how POLITICAL EVOLUTION can transform even the most primitive, barbaric and savage nations and societies on planet Earth into shining beacons of enlightenment and an oasis of technological marvels in a relatively short period of time. (In all likelihood, if you are on planet Earth and now reading this, that means you currently reside in one of these nations or belong to one of these societies.)
  • If you want to learn the real difference between Biological Evolution, Sociocultural Evolution, Technological Evolution, POLITICAL EVOLUTION and HUMAN EVOLUTION (you will not find that answer in any document anywhere in the world); and the relevance of this critical piece of information to every single endeavor or activity that you are now engaged in and will ever undertake in the future.
  • How do you identify, select and train existing talent throughout your own organization to become Virtual Organization Leadership Executives? And why it matters a great deal to your organization.
  • How you can gradually begin to shed huge buildings and other physical infrastructure with huge overhead instead of people and yet increase morale, accountability, productivity and profit.
  • If you are a World-Class Mall and Shopping Center Owner, Developer, or Retailer, you are no doubt experiencing the effects of Retail Apocalypse (a condition which has absolutely nothing to do with the Global Pandemic, the economy or Amazon - although the Coronavirus Pandemic can be a convenient excuse). You will certainly want to know how to avoid the "boiling frog" fate of the once venerable retail icons - SEARS, TOYS-R-US, MACY'S, etc.

    As well, if you happen to be Eddie Lampert of Sears or the Chairman/CEO of any World-Class Fashion Apparel Retailer or Department Store now reading this page, don't wait until October 2022, the date of this event, to meet with the Founder of VOMI and Lead Architect of The New Virtual Organization World. You have been given permission TO REACH HIM NOW so that, come the day of the event, Sears, Macy's or any other World-Class Fashion Apparel Retailer or Department Store may have an opportunity to be featured as an excellent test case of what awaits those who are bold, daring and visionary enough to overcome their fears and reluctance in order to chart a new path toward a new life in The New Virtual Organization World.
  • How you can make Virtual Organization Management, Virtual Organizations, and a Virtual Organization Leadership Force the centerpiece of your country or organization's Disaster Preparedness and Response strategy.
  • If you want to learn how to begin to instantly reverse the outsourcing trend which has already devastated your country's or local economy, revenue and tax base.
    Quick Hint: The solution has nothing to do with maligning or engaging in a shameful Hybrid War with China, MAGA, and a lot of demagoguery about "The Deep State," "The Cabal," "nefarious banksters," "socialism," "communism," "globalism," "more democracy and better human rights record," "new and free elections," "new politicians to solve your problems," "more compassionate, kind-hearted and caring politicians who can feel your pain to come to the rescue," "throwing the rascals out of office," "an alligator's promise to go out there and drain the swamp (it's OK to wonder how this damn alligator will survive on dry land without the swamp - and then find yourself laughing uncontrollably)," "professional liars cracking down on FAKE NEWS," "corrupt politicians cracking down on corruption," "crooked and dishonest politicians bringing up fraud and perjury charges against other crooked and dishonest politicians," "tweeting," "prosecution for corruption or collusion with Russia, China, USA or any other country," "making YOUR country great again - MYCGA," "money laundering," "curbing inner-city crime," "curbing drug epidemic," "curbing opiates epidemic," "more money for drug enforcement," "more money for law enforcement," "protecting your country's borders," "tougher anti-terrorism laws," "more gun laws," "higher taxes on the rich," "cutting taxes on the rich," "increase the minimum wage," "unfair trade," "theft of intellectual property," "higher tariffs or more tariffs on imported goods," "more welfare," "universal basic income aka helicopter money for low income workers and the unemployed," "getting into more debt in order to finance huge infrastructure spending," "curbing illegal immigration," "sanctions on other countries in order to destroy their economy, starve their people into submission and cause them to revolt and overthrow their government - with a little help from one or more loving, compassionate, kind-hearted, neighborly and very friendly countries who want their neighbors to live in peace, freedom, security and prosperity (We are not making this up - and NO, this is not Comedy Hour and we are NOT joking or trying to be funny - nor are we trying to insult your intelligence)," "more wars to rain death and destruction on nations and their peoples due to their government's poor democracy and human rights record," "terrorizing other nations through internal destabilization efforts, vicious propaganda, destruction of their economy, assassinations, sanctions and bombings in order to keep the region safe and secure for democracy and the rule of law (it's OK to die laughing or cry)," "more World Bank or IMF loans to restructure defaulted World Bank and IMF loans," "more foreign direct investment," "more foreign aid," "more vaccinations," "lowering or increasing the interest rate by your country's Central Bank aka QE or QT," or "bringing back manufacturing jobs to your country or community so you can make your country great again."
  • Regardless of who and what you are, your age and occupation, whom and what you represent, your ideals and hopes for the future, if you are downright sick and tired of hearing, seeing, and doing the same old shit - and you are no longer willing to accept the old worn-out narratives which, in the end, always result in the same old garbage and foul stench - then your participation in this event is your way of taking off these damn blinders and finally learn how to make the decision to go in your own direction - wherever it may lead. Let this event be the first day of your liberation (from yourself) so YOU can reimagineer your own mind - and your organization - and take control of your own destiny.


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