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Who Will Attend

  • Academia: Chief Executives of leading educational institutions.
  • Global Industry: Chairman and CEOs of leading Global companies and other Founders, CEOs of leading Innovation-Focused Organizations.
  • Venture Capital: Chief Executives of leading venture capital and investment banking firms.
  • Military: Chief Executives of military branches and units.
  • Government: Current and former Public Policy Executives & Chief Executives of domestic and foreign local, state, regional, and federal governments and agencies.
  • Policy Making: Senior Members of Executive and Legislative Branches of governments.
  • Global Environmental & Antipoverty Activism: Architects-Activists-Proponents of global environmental and poverty issues.
  • Public Policy & Think Tanks: Chief Executives of leading public policy and think tank organizations.
  • Human Capital & Organizational Development: Chief Executives of leading human resource and organizational development consulting firms.

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