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Pierre Coupet
Founder, Chairman, CEO & Doctor of Virtual Organization Management
Virtual Organization Management Institute

Professor Coupet, the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute, has a long and distinguished professional career spannning a number of disciplines over a period of 34+ years. He is an author, prolific lecturer, speaker and trainer on Virtual Organization Management and inventor of patent-pending best practices, policies and procedures for operating in a virtual environment and managing a virtual organization; is recognized worldwide as the founder of the modern Virtual Organization Management discipline and the World's Foremost Expert on Virtual Organization Management. His articles and publications have appeared in numerous prestigious publications and on sites such as HR.com, HR Resource.com, Human Capital Institute.org, College Recruiter.com, ERE.net and others.

Currently, he is also Founder, Chairman, CEO & Chief Virtual Organization Architect at NetWEB Elite Solutions, Inc., a Virtual Organization Management Consulting and ebusiness solutions company with roots dating back to 1995. He is a member of Society of Industry Leaders-a McGraw-Hill company-serving as their Sole and Primary Subject Matter Expert on Virtual Organization Management; available for consulting to leading institutional money managers, researchers, and analysts in the financial services industry and the media. He formerly headed TFG Incorporated, a national executive search firm, as Founder, Chairman & CEO for over 14 years, having represented blue chip clients such as Chase Manhattan, Microsoft, Litton Industries, etc., during the period 1981-1995. Prior to TFG Incorporated, he held a number of management consulting positions with various local CPA firms and agencies. He is a former member of the California Air National Guard and former active duty member of the 10th Aerospace Defense Squadron, USAF at Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA.

William M. Messier, Ed.D.
Chief Learning Officer & Professor
Virtual Organization Management Institute

Dr. Messier has over thirty years of practical business experience in a number of different industries, including over 14 years of e-Learning experience, as well as many years of entrepreneurial experience. Currently, he is also Executive VP and Virtual Organization Management Consultant at NetWEB Elite Solutions, Inc., an affiliate of Virtual Organization Management Institute. Prior to NetWEB Elite Solutions, Dr. Messier was importing and exporting management resources in China.

He is on the following boards: Editorial Board for the International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organization (IJMLO), Editorial Review Board for AACE/SITE Journals; and is a peer reviewer for the published journal, Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Object.

Dr. Messier has developed online and onsite educational programs in the Middle East, China, and the United States; has had the opportunity to teach in several innovative universities and colleges around the world; has substantial teaching experience at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and has taught courses in the fields of communication, education technology, information technology, video production, media writing and desktop publishing. Dr. Messierís work draws significant inspiration from human learning and teaching. He seeks to understand and model how people learn from their teachers and peers and the application of educational technologies when appropriate.

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