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When: Daily | Monday-Friday from 8am - 11am EST (except for USA holidays)

Presentation Format: 3-Hour Live Interactive Web-Media-Teleconference Session

Presentation Materials: You will receive
  • The Ultra Premium White Paper: How to Virtual Organize your Social Network
  • A Segmentation Spreadsheet: Social Networks Segmentation & Analysis
  • A Member Selection Spreadsheet: Social Network Member Selection & Analysis
  • A Summary Listing Spreadsheet: Summary Listing of Social Networks and Team Selection
  • How to Virtual Organize Strategy Session Input Questions
  • A Virtual Organization Online Survey
3-Hour Session Agenda: Click here to view your corresponding local time
USA Time (EST)


8:00 am-8:10 am EST Introduction and Agenda Review
8:10 am-9:00 am EST How to Virtual Organize Your Social Network Presentation
9:00 am-9:15 am EST Break
9:15 am-10:15 am EST Interactive How to Virtual Organize Strategy Session with Professor Pierre Coupet
10:15 am-10:25 am EST 5-Minute Web-based Survey Session
10:25 am-10:55 am EST ASK VOMI Session
10:55 pm-11:00 am EST Closing Session

Pricing: USD $249

Conference Overview

Now that you've built a huge network of contacts on your favorite social networks, where do you go from here? What kind of returns, economic or otherwise, are you looking to obtain--or should be able to generate--from your huge investment of time, effort, and resources in developing these contacts and how do you go about it?

If you're tired of keeping score of hundreds and thousands of "friends" and contacts that mean absolutely nothing at all to you; contacts you'll never see or even have a chance to have a conversation with, let alone a productive dialogue or encounter that could be remotely called "mutually rewarding or beneficial"; then this is a must event for you.

If you are a Social Network Group Owner with a small to very large membership base or an Individual Member with a small to large number of personal contacts who is Ready for Change--the sort of change that gives you the ability to leverage the power of the social network to your individual or collective benefit, then this event is the answer to your prayers.

If you're a business executive who is tired of the useless chatter, the sometimes carnival or kindergarten atmosphere on social networks that turns off many serious business professionals, then this is the event you've been waiting for. If you are a decision-maker in your organization who is apprehensive about integrating the social network in your organizational infrastructure due to concerns about efficiency and productivity, then this event is the equivalent of your discovering the Holy Grail.

If you are a social network executive--be it Founder, CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, VP, Director, etc--looking for a New Content Monetization Strategy that truly empowers your members instead of using the social network primarily as an advertising platform, then It's Time for Change - Change that significantly increases your revenues and leaves your competitors in a daze. If you are a social network investor, then this event is music to your ears.

This powerful, lively, engaging, and very interactive 3-hour session with Prof. Pierre Coupet will finally put you in firm control behind your own social network steering wheel. See you soon.

About Presenter

Prof. Pierre Coupet:     Prof. Pierre Coupet is the Founder, CEO & Doctor of Virtual Organization Management at Virtual Organization Management Institute; is also the founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline pioneered since 1997; and has over 35 years of diversified professional experience.

He is the author of numerous articles and white papers on Virtual Organization Management, including the groundbreaking Ultra Premium White Paper "How to Virtual Organize Your Social Network", and is featured on most of the leading business, human capital management, and HR online publications such as Forbes.com, MIT Technology Review, Social Science Research Network, HR.com, Human Capital Institute, College Recruiter.com, etc. He is also a member of Society of Industry Leaders, serving as their sole subject matter expert on virtual organization management.

He is a prolific speaker; organizing CEO summits, symposiums, conferences, seminars, webinars, and workshops on Virtual Organization Management worldwide. He has evangelized and taught extensively on the subject of virtual organization management to leading corporate executives at Fortune 500 and other leading, blue chip companies worldwide as well as to college interns worldwide.

For over 13 years, he was the founder and head of a national executive search firm whose clientele included Fortune 500 and other leading, blue chip companies nationwide such as Microsoft, Sun America, Allianz, Litton Industries etc.

You Will Learn

  • For all stakeholders, how to virtual organize your social network in order to leverage its power and potential to your individual or collective benefit.
  • As a social network Individual Member, how to evaluate social networks and groups--which ones "really get it" and therefore worth your investment in time and effort and which ones to avoid. No more useless chatter and waste of time.
  • As a social network Group Owner, how to craft the right strategy for engaging your group members.
  • As a social network entrepreneur, why this Ultra Premium Event will put in motion powerful forces that will completely transform your current content monetization strategy.
  • As an investor or venture capital executive, how to solve the "social network content monetization strategy" riddle. As well, you'll learn how to manage your social network portfolio in stealth mode in order to sneak past your competitors without them paying notice.
  • How to Break from the Pack and Take Your Game to the Next Level!


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