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When: 3rd Wednesday of every month from 7am - 6:30pm PST (except for USA holidays)

Type of Event: One-Day Virtual Organization Insourcing Conference for Multinational Executives and Talent Acquisition Leaders

Register: Click here to register - or Call 818-741-1123 ext. 704 or contact us via skype id: virtual.organization.management

The Business Organization of the past is over. Co-location with customers, proliferating partners, Outsourcing, Offshoring, globalization and telecommuting employees have all become necessary for continued competitive success. Outsourcing has become all the rage-fueling an exodus of low-to-high quality jobs, as well as huge sums of capital, overseas-in order to remain competitive. Western companies are even snapping up the outsourcers themselves at an alarming rate, outbidding rivals and paying high premium prices for these companies. In 2008, an estimated US $100 billion dollars of contracts are up for renewals in the Asia subcontinent. But outsourcing is not really the Shangri-La that it's cracked up to be but rather the lesser of the two evils in order to remain competitive.

However, that being said, with your new and very powerful Virtual Organization Insourcing alternative, you are no longer limited to the current "do or die" scenario. Virtual Organization Insourcing gives you-directly in your own backyard-the organization, structure, flexibility, accountability, management controls, security, increase in quality AND cost savings you are looking for to become highly competitive in order to meet customer, partner and employee-and shareholder-needs.

Virtual Organization Insourcing: The Silver Bullet for the Outsourcing Werewolf. You will learn the fundamentals and benefits of virtual organization insourcing and what you need to put in place in order to develop a highly competitive virtual organization insourcing operation-a silver bullet-that will pierce through the invincible armor of the outsourcing werewolf.

Sourcing for Virtual Organization Insourcing (VOI) Talent from Within. There is no need to start from scratch or to reinvent the wheel when it comes to finding the right talent to staff your Virtual Organization. During this session, you will learn how to identify existing outstanding talent in your organization, so you can cut through the red tape and begin immediate implementation.

How to Attract External Virtual Organization Insourcing (VOI) Talent. You will learn how to turn your organization into a magnet for the right kind of Virtual Organization Insourcing talent and the multimillion dollar pitfalls to avoid that will spare you a whole lot of headache and heartache down the road.

Building an Elite Virtual Organization Insourcing Infrastructure.    You will be pleasantly surprised at finding out the true composition of a Virtual Organization Insourcing Infrastructure and how it turns upside down your notion and standard concept of a virtual infrastructure. In this case, the only clue we can give you is to think of this infrastructure as a cup. We will go over the materials that make up that cup and the liquid substance that goes into it.

Monitoring & Evaluating Virtual Organization Insourcing Talent.    You will learn how to manage Virtual Organization Insourcing talent in order to achieve virtualization convergence, the holy grail of efficiency and productivity that transforms your supertanker organization into a fleet of speedboat units running circle around your closest competitors.


Click here to register or call us at 818-741-1123 ext. 704 or via SKYPE ID: virtual.organization.management


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