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  • 4-Star Hotel Near You
  • Check-in Time: on Tuesday @ 8:00 PM PST
  • Check-out Time: on Wednesday @ 8:00 PM PST
Other Accomodations include:
  • King Size bed
  • Breakfast ($25 limit) - Room Service or Restaurant
  • Lunch ($25 limit) - Room Service or Restaurant
  • 24-hour Parking
  • High-Speed Internet Access in room

Conference Room:

You will attend the virtual conference directly from the privacy and comfort of your hotel room. For breakfast and lunch, the choice is yours: room service or the restaurant.

Cost: The cost of the room as well as all other accommodations is included in the Registration Fee

$100 Cash Rebate Offer: To add to the excitement of your first hybrid-virtual conference, invite 2 or more of your colleagues, business associates, and friends to register AND pay separately for this conference. You can meet them in between sessions for breakfast, lunch, and networking and you will receive within 10 days after the event a $100 cash rebate for drinks.
Tools You Must Have:
  • A late model laptop computer with built-in wireless access or a wireless card and built-in microphone.
  • Electric cord for your laptop
  • An electrical extension cord for back-up
  • Direct plug-in internet cable for back-up
  • A qood quality computer headset
  • A cell phone for emergency support calls
Register: Click here to register - or Call 818-741-1123 ext. 704 or contact us via skype id: virtual.organization.management


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