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When: 1st Wednesday of every month from 7am - 6:30pm PST (except for USA holidays)

Type of Event: One-Day Virtual Organization Management Conference for Executives and Talent Acquisition Leaders

Register: Click here to register - or Call 818-741-1123 ext. 704 or contact us via skype id: virtual.organization.management

The Business Organization of the past is over. Co-location with customers, proliferating partners, offshoring, globalization and telecommuting employees have all become necessary for continued competitive success. The Virtualization of business is changing how your company works, driving productivity, cost-effectiveness and growth. But they have also created frightening new management challenges.    How do you maintain real accountability from virtual employees and teams?

The way to embrace this new business reality while maintaining essential business control is through Virtual Organizations. More than a virtual team, a virtual organization gives you the structure and the flexibility you are looking for to meet customer, partner and employee-and shareholder-needs.

What Is Virtual Organization Management?: We all need language to communicate. You will receive the first official lexicon on virtual organization terminology so you can fully understand the benefits of virtual organization and seamlessly communicate your needs to other stakeholders and service providers.

Organization Transformation: For today's business challenges you need to transform your organization, or you'll get left behind by those who do. You need an organization that is simultaneously VIRTUAL and ACCOUNTABLE.

How to Change and Not Lose: Looking at the history of Virtual Teams, you might have concluded that the trade-off for virtual flexibility was loss of management control. And you'd be right! But that is where Virtual Organizations are different. The Virtual Organization is all about effective management in a virtual environment. Learn how to create strong management controls that complement the flexibility of the new virtual organization.

Architecting a Globalocal Virtualization Framework™:   Learn from leading virtualization pioneers and experts on the latest, most advanced, and next-generation processes, tools, and over-the-edge technologies for unleashing innovation and performance in your virtual organization.

The Holy Grail of Going Green™:    Learn how virtual organization management, at its best, can turbocharge your going green strategy and have your organization soar over your nearest competitors.


Click here to register or CALL us at 818-741-1123 ext. 704 or via SKYPE ID: virtual.organization.management


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