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Customized Onsite Training and Learning Programs
Virtual Organization Management Institute, the world's preeminent and only virtual organization management institute, offers customized one (1) day onsite training and learning programs to small and select group of corporate executives who are looking to acquire proven methodologies, best-next practices, policies and procedures for working in a virtual environment and for managing a virtual organization.

Elite Faculty

Our elite faculty is led by Professor Pierre Coupet, the recognized founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline pioneered since 1997; he is also the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute and is currently the CEO & Doctor of Virtual Organization Management. Prior to the scheduled event, our faculty members will team up with your organization's subject matter experts in order to obtain and understand your specific virtual organization management training or learning requirements and business goals. These requirements are then documented and presented to you for approval.

Onsite Training Procedures and Requirements

  • Submit Onsite Training Request Form.
  • Training Needs Analysis. Upon receipt, we will then contact you to discuss your particular training needs.
  • Submission of Onsite Training Program Proposal. Your training requirements will be documented in an Onsite Training Program Proposal that outlines the details of the training program and which is then presented to you for validation and approval within 10 days of submission.
  • Security Deposit. Upon approval, we require a security deposit equal to 50% of the total proposed learning fee in order to begin developing the customized training/learning course.
  • Placement on Waiting List. Concurrently, your organization will be placed on a waiting list for our faculty's next available onsite training date. Due to a limited faculty and strong demand, please plan your event at least 3-4 months in advance of your preferred date.
  • Onsite Training Date Assignment. Once an onsite training date has been assigned, we require the remaining 50% balance within 10 days of assignment date notification.
  • Delivery of Customized Course Materials. Will be provided within 24-48 hours of course delivery.
  • Preferred Group Size. The minimum number is 10 or the equivalent fee if the group size is less than 10. The ideal number is 15-20, however, there is no maximum.
  • Suitable Training Venue & Accomodations. The host organization is responsible for the arrangement and provision of a suitable training venue; all appropriate audio-visual tools; a multimedia environment, including PCs and broadband internet access; and all refreshments.
  • Travel, Lodging & Transportation Expenses. VOMI Faculty is responsible for its own travel, lodging, meals, and transportation expenses.

Special Group Fee Schedule

Need Help?

Call 818-741-1123 or send email to support@virtualorganizationinstitute.com


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