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Highlights of Financial Aid

Once admitted, VOMI secondary school and independent students, excluding professionals, have access to financial aid through scholarships, fellowships, and student loans provided directly by VOMI to cover the partial or full cost of the tuition plus up to $5,000 in cash grants per student. VOMI has allocated a total of $5 million each year for such financial aid.

Admitted students whose annual family income ranges between USD 0 - $100,000 are automatically eligible for a full 2-year tuition scholarship. All such scholarship recipients are specifically prohibited from taking any full-time or part-time job during the term of the two-year program.

Please note if you advise us during the application for admission process that you intend to work - or will continue to work - on a full-time basis during any period of your enrollment at VOMI, you will automatically become ineligible for admission at, or for any sort of financial aid from, VOMI.

Chronological Steps for Securing Financial Aid

  • Apply for Admission. Submit your online application for admission.   Please note you will not be considered for financial aid until you have gone through the entire application process and received an offer of admission.
  • Apply to Create New Financial Aid Account. Once admitted, if appropriate, you will be directed to an online application to submit a request to create a financial aid account on our secure virtual VOMI Financial Aid Center.
  • Apply for Financial Aid. Upon receipt of your financial aid account request, you will be provided via email your financial aid account login information along with detailed procedures on how to fill out and submit your financial aid application.
  • Track Progress of Financial Aid Application Online. You will receive access to your own personalized tracking tool.
  • Review Scholarship Options. VOMI offers scholarships to students based on need and merit.
  • Explore Loan Options. VOMI offers need-based private loans to both domestic and international adult students. No co-signer is required.
  • Begin Planning for Repayment. All programs are for a duration of 2 years, however, time flies when you're not paying attention. Therefore, begin planning your repayment obligations now in order to avoid any October surprise.


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