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Admission Criteria

Working in a virtual environment is, at best, a challenge. Managing in a virtual environment is, at best, a herculean task. LEADING a Virtual Organization is, for those who have yet to attend VOMI, without a doubt and at best, the equivalent of "trying to herd cats" or searching for the holy grail. At a minimum, we are seeking individuals who are able to understand the nuances that exist between these three statements and are ready, willing, and able to begin this exciting journey that will lead them to the "discovery" of the holy grail. The common thread that runs through all our students is this ensemble of 1) demonstrated leadership potential, 2) quest for knowledge, 3) thirst for discovery, 4) capacity to adapt and "thrive" in a virtual environment and, most importantly, 5) sense of ethics that transcend background, culture and nationality.


Leadership Instinct

Leadership comes in many forms and on various scales and we appreciate them all. We want to see your portfolio of initiatives, achievements, and experiences that point to your leadership potential. There are no limits or restrictions as to what can be presented in your portfolio. If it has to do with your leadership potential, we want to know about it.

Quest for Knowledge
Outside of the constraints of time, there are no limits as to what can be learned. A broad knowledge is an indication of an open mind, the willingness to constantly learn new things, and an ability to constantly evolve ... adapt and thrive in new environments. We want you to demonstrate to us where you stand on the Human Evolution scale. Bring us your portfolio of knowledge - subjects, courses, writings, presentations, exam results, certificates, inventions, etc. In short, anything and everything that demonstrates your knowledge of the world we live in. There is, however, one significant and non-negotiable piece of knowledge that you must have in your portfolio in order to learn and evolve at VOMI: a good read-write-and-speak command of the English language.

Thirst for Discovery

The modern Virtual Organization Management discipline is all about pioneering, extensive research, guiding individuals as well as entire organizations into previously uncharted territory, stepping outside of our comfort zone, bucking the trend, and braving new frontiers. We want you to demonstrate to us all instances where you stepped outside of your comfort zone and dared to go where no one or very few have gone before.

Capacity to Adapt and Thrive in a Virtual Environment
The virtual organization landscape is more treacherous than the most barren desert on our planet or the abyss of the Mariana Trench in the North Pacific Ocean. It has absolutely no regard for an individual's fame and notoriety; prior personal and business accomplishments; academic knowledge and status; social or corporate status; level and type of knowledge and technical skills; or length of experience. Failure or inability to adapt and thrive in that environment will definitely spell disaster for all. We want to know, in demonstrable fashion, what drives and motivates you to embark on this journey and how you intend to make it to the finish line.

A Priori Ethical Skills

We place more emphasis on a priori ethical skills than all the other skills combined. Why? That's because you will be working in an environment that is independent of close physical supervision and constraints, background, culture, ethnicity, nationality, religion, political affiliation and leanings, race, gender, orientation, social or economic status. Therefore, the only moral compass you'll have to guide you during your interactions and dealings with others and/or the organization you serve and represent is your sense of [a priori] ethics.

Leadership without a strong moral compass in a virtual environment--in other words, without [a priori] ethics--is leadership gone astray, a ship captain without a compass, a ship that goes wherever the wind blows. Therefore, a priori ethical skills and leadership skills are 2 sides of the same coin in a virtual environment. So, throughout your entire exposure to VOMI--from evaluation for admission all the way through completion of program--you will be required to demonstrate to us, in clear and certain terms, your a priori ethical skills. As well, all individuals receive extensive training on that subject matter upon admission.


Please note that VOMI does not impose any minimum work requirement for admission into any of our virtual organization management programs. Successful candidates can demonstrate strength in the criteria outlined above without regard to years of work experience. Therefore, before you apply, it's very important that you properly assess yourself based on the foregoing criteria.



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