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Overview of Virtual Organization Career Opportunities
A "virtual organization" career is unlike any "brick and mortar" or "virtual" career. Although it sounds like an adventure, exciting and fascinating, IT IS NOT. It is extremely challenging, and can be very disappointing to those who have a romanticized notion of what it's like to work in a 100% virtual organization environment. The virtual organization culture (and terrain) is completely different than what you are accustomed to in either a virtual or brick and mortar setting.

Therefore, so that you'll know what you're about to get into before you dive right in and start applying for any of our positions, we highly recommend that you take the time (it's about a full half day) to thoroughly go over the following documents.

Once you have completed going over all these documents, if we haven't managed to scare the daylight out of you and you remain undaunted in your efforts to join us, then we'll be pleased to hear from you.

Available Opportunities:

To view our comprehensive listing of available VOMI career opportunities and apply or search for a specific position, go directly to our VOMI Careers site.


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