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Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI) is the world's leading and only 100% virtual organization educational institute, certification and accreditation provider, professional virtual organization association, postdoctoral research training organization, and leadership training license provider that is strictly focused on the virtual organization management discipline pioneered by its founder since 1997. Virtual Organization Management deals with best practices, policies and procedures for working in either a virtual or 100% virtual organization environment and for managing a virtual organization. Pierre Coupet is the founder of virtual organization management and the world's foremost authority on virtual organizations. He is also the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI); and is recognized worldwide as the leading pioneer of this world of virtual organizations - The New Virtual Organization World.

Why Join

The Business Organization of Today's World ("ANTIQUITY") is slowing decaying, making room for the arrival of a new world of Virtual Organizations we call:: The New Virtual Organization World. This long and arduous journey began with co-location with customers, offshoring, outsourcing, globalization, dynamic social networks, virtual teams, remote teams, remote global teams, and telecommuting employees; thanks to The Internet and the Virtualization of the Workspace.

Fast-forwarding to the present, today's incredible advances in Internet Technology, Broadband Technology, Blockchain Technology, Distributed Ledger Technology, RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) Technology, Digital Currency Technology - both Cryptocurrency and Cloud Currency, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) (i.e., Human Level Artificial Intelligence) :: combined with the dizzying rate of innovation in all the other sciences, technologies and disciplines :: provide us with an iron-clad guarantee that The Workplace of the Future in this new world of virtual organizations - The New Virtual Organization World - will be substantially different than the ones we are currently accustomed to in Antiquity.

That is the sort of reality and challenge which awaits us all and which none of us can afford to ignore: How do we operate effectively and thrive in a Virtual Organization environment in The New Virtual Organization World in order to meet employee, collaborator, partner--and shareholder--needs?

That which the Virtual Organization Management discipline tackles and addresses head-on through the various initiatives Virtual Organization Management Institute has put in place and spearheaded over the years. With over 22 years of running an active Virtual Organization, no one has more experience in making virtual organizations work than the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute and its precursors.

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Who Should Join?
  • Futurists, Visionaries & Thought Leaders from All Disciplines
  • Innovation-focused Founder, CEO, COO, and CFO.
  • IoT, Smart City, Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology Pioneers
  • Pioneers of The New Virtual Organization World
  • Advocates for the cause of Human Evolution
  • Human Resources: Chief People Officers, VP & Directors
  • Organizational Development: Chief Learning Officers, VP & Directors

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