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Virtual Organization Management Is a New and "Must-Know" Discipline
Virtual Organization Management is NOT just another extension of HR, Human Capital, Organization Development, or Change Management and it is NOT designed to replace or make obsolete any existing discipline you have already heavily invested in. Also, it is NOT another Virtual Team or Virtual Recruitment training program.

Instead, it IS a set of highly advanced and sophisticated, best-next practices, policies and procedures for operating in a virtual environment and for managing a 100% virtual organization; developed over a period of over two decades; and whose foundation is based on the "principled leadership" concept articulated by the founder of the discipline. It IS the philosophical foundation of each and every single virtual organization; and the catalyst for The New Virtual Organization World era.

Virtual Organization Management is designed to complement ANY existing discipline and IS a STARGATE that allows anyone in the brick and mortar world to seamlessly cross over into The New Virtual Organization World.

VOMI Curriculum
The Business Organization of the past is over. The Virtualization of the Workspace and the Workforce is occuring at such a dizzying rate that it can no longer be ignored. It is changing how every company works, whether you want to or not, and has a tremendous potential to drive productivity, cost-effectiveness and growth-if you are able to adapt. The future is here. Become an agent of change or a victim of change - The choice is yours!

Our curriculum and experiential program is designed to empower each individual and give him/her a strong sense of confidence and adeptness in this new virtual organization landscape. As well, when practiced on a global scale throughout an entire organization, it is designed to integrate every single member of that organization into what we call The New Virtual Organization World -- so you can become an agent of change instead of a victim of change.

Who Should Attend VOMI
Graduating Secondary School Students. Independent Students. Career Transition Professionals (currently unemployed and seeking to make a career change).

Enrollment Guarantee for Secondary School Graduates and Independent Students
  • VOMI has a need-blind candidate selection process. This means that VOMI does not take into consideration your financial situation--nor is VOMI aware of your financial situation--when you apply for admission.

  • VOMI is also a full-need educational institute. Once admitted, students (excluding professionals) have access to financial aid through scholarships and student loans provided directly by VOMI to cover the full cost of the tuition plus up to US $5,000 in cash grants based on needs. VOMI has allocated a total of USD $5 million each and every year for such financial aid.

VOMI Master Designation Programs
We offer the following virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment master designation programs for graduating secondary school and independent students:

VOM Master Designation Programs

VOR Master Designation Programs

Need Help?

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VOMI Virtual Organization Academy
The world's only Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification destination
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