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Virtual Organization Management Institute now offers 12-Month UNPAID postdoctoral virtual organization fellowships to recent Ph.D.s in business and other disciplines and postdoctoral scholars (with a graduation anniversary period of less than 1 year) who are interested in obtaining virtual organization management training and conducting research on virtual organizations. This postdoctoral fellowship is part of a research residency program at VOMI Global Think Tank & Advisory Board, also effectively making you a pro tem member of the board; gives you a unique and invaluable opportunity to interact directly with the founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline.


Postdoctoral Virtual Organization Fellowships (Global-Virtual)


Requirements for Postdocs and Recent Ph.D.s
  • A doctoral degree in either Business Administration, Information Technology, or the Social Sciences conferred no later than one year from the date of application or expected starting date.
  • The tenure of the postdoctoral fellowship must be for a full 12-month period working on a full-time basis.
  • Candidates must be able to obtain private or public funding for the fellowship on their own, in which case, we will need proof of such funding from the sponsoring foundation, institution, organization, other entity, or private party. Candidates who will personally fund their own fellowship will be required to certify that they have the financial means to do so as part of the application process and prior formal selection.
  • VOMI retains full or joint ownership and rights to all intellectual property developed during the course of the fellowship and all online or print publications issuing from the work accomplished must acknowledge Virtual Organization Management Institute and the research supervisor's assistance.

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