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Case Studies
We assemble an interdisciplinary Working Group of 12 members to conduct case studies on a select number of International Circle Member companies; in order to address, from a virtual organization management standpoint, complex instances of "what is happening and why" in a member's organization. The working group's study is carried out over a period of 12 months and published in 2 versions: (1) unclassified: an edited version of the results of the group's learning, experience, and valuable insights are made available online to all Executive and International Circle members; (2) classified: complete and confidential results of the group's findings are made available strictly to members of the working group.

Working Group Composition
The 12-member Working Group is made up of:
  • 6 corporate International Circle Members consisting of:
    • up to 2 members selected from Case Study Company
    • 4-5 other participating members - limit of 1 member per company.
  • 5 VOMI Research Team Members
  • 1 VOMI Faculty Member serving as Working Group Advisor

Working Group Member|   Selection Criteria
Admission to a Working Group is subject to broad consideration which addresses the needs of all parties for:
  • disclosure of conflicts of interest;
  • security considerations;
  • intellectual property safeguards; and
  • commonality of purpose and shared interests

Minimum individual admission requirements are as follows:
  • Each external working group member must be an International Circle Member
  • Register for Placement on Working Group Waiting List using the Case Study Application form.
  • Interview with the Working Group Selection Committee for consideration and approval.
  • International Circle Membership seniority status. Seniority is based on length of membership. Participation is restricted to one working group membership over a 3-year period. Accrual of the 3-year period begins on the termination date of the last case study.
  • Approval letter from corporate human resources or immediate supervisor, affirming eligibility for participation, and giving date of final approval.
  • Minimum time commitment over a 12-month period.
  • Strong presentation and proposal writing skills.
  • Solid applied technical, scientific, or marketing research skills.
  • Team Player with ability to achieve consensus through technical collaboration in a virtual environment.
  • Must have excellent WRITTEN and verbal communication skills.
  • All international members are required to be present in the United States in order to participate.
  • Working Group Member Participation Fee (excluding VOMI Research Sabbatical team members):   $15,000 per executive. Due upon notification of selection of placement on the working group waiting list.

Working Group Members Receive:
  • A unique executive virtual organization management education experience.
  • Knowledge of world-class, state-of-the-art, virtual organization management evaluation techniques
  • Access to the world's leading and only global network of industry executives, professional academics, and research team engaged in all aspects of the virtual organization management discipline.
  • Develop strong bonds with fellow colleagues in the virtual organization management industry during the 12-month period that will last a lifetime.
  • Career Enhancement and Organization Transformation knowledge that will have a direct effect on their career and organization's bottom line.

Case Study Company|   Selection Criteria
  • Must be a Research Sponsor or MNC (Multinational Corporation) with one or more International Circle members; Research Sponsors will be given priority consideration.
  • Must be nominated by an International Circle Member--a member may only nominate their employer of record-- using the Case Study Application form.
  • Submit a very detailed Comprehensive Statement of Virtual Organization Challenges outlining current challenges and expected outcomes from the case study, if selected.
  • Has a sizeable part-time and/or full-time telecommuting workforce;
  • Makes frequent use of remote teams, global teams, distributed teams, and virtual teams;
  • Has made relatively modest investments in web-based collaboration tools and a virtual infrastructure;
  • Currently experiencing challenges, or seeks assistance, in managing a virtual workforce;
  • Seeks to develop enterprise-wide best-next practices, policies, and procedures for operating in a virtual environment;
  • And wants to gain instant exposure to practical application of the modern virtual organization management discipline.
  • Case Study Participation Fee:   $-0-

Case Study Companies Receive:
  • A comprehensive, independent assessment and evaluation of their virtual organization infrastructure worth well over 7 figures over a 12-month period.
  • Application of world-class, state-of-the-art, virtual organization management evaluation techniques.
  • Access to VOMI's global network of industry executives, professional academics, and research team engaged in various aspects of the virtual organization management discipline.
  • Specific recommendations for making the transition from Virtual Chaos or Instability to Virtual Organization Management; and to accelerate the company's virtual organization growth and evolution.
  • Constructive feedback from senior managers and directors of participating companies; our research team made up of mid-career faculty Ph.D.s., industry executives and Postdocs on sabbatical research leave; and VOMI faculty.

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