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About Board
The VOMI Global Think Tank & Advisory Board serves as an advisory committee to the Office of the Chairman on matters pertaining to local, regional, and international issues, events and opportunities. As advisors to the Office of the Chairman, its members provide the sort of global insight and diversity necessary to promote and achieve the mission of VOMI.

Some of these areas include, however, are not limited to:

  • Providing advice regarding human and fiscal resources to VOMI.
  • Functioning as a global think tank and advocacy group for VOMI.
  • Providing deep insight into global cultural issues and local customs.
  • Assisting the Chairman and the Executive Committee of VOMI's Board of Directors in strategic planning for VOMI, when appropriate.
  • Helping to establish and strengthen relationships with business partners and affiliates.
  • Assisting in external public relations and in devising communication strategies for VOMI.
  • Assisting in recruitment and retention of fellow advisory board members, corporate board of directors, and executive team.
  • Assisting in planning and implementing official events.
  • Dealing with other issues as requested by the Office of the Chairman.

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Membership Levels
  • Distinguished Global Ambassador. Honorary membership by invitation only. Such honorary appointment is made to the Global Ambassadors Committee of the board. These are very influential executives from the business community, government, the military-intelligence-defense establishment and academia who wish to play a passive role in the development and success of the board; and want to associate their name with the mandate and prestige of the board. Honorary members do not participate in regular board activities; however, they are allowed, upon invitation, to attend special meetings of the board :: View a PDF version of our Grand Overview of VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board presentation.

    Request an invitation.

  • Official Global Ambassador. Official Global Ambassadors are former "Distinguished Global Ambassadors" who have received a lifetime appointment to the Global Ambassadors Committee of the board for their contribution to VOMI et al. Play a crucial role in the success of VOMI Virtual Organization Academy and Virtual Organization Recruiter in business, governmental, military-intelligence-defense and academic circles and are eligible to receive substantial VOMI equity grants and other high-value benefits :: View a PDF version of our Brief Overview of Official Global Ambassador Program presentation.

  • Active Member. Have a fair amount of time to devote to the board. Are primarily high-level, semi-retired or retired executives from various fields and industries. Play a very significant and active role in the development and success of the board. Must be nominated and be duly elected to the Board or be appointed by a Committee Chair or Chairman of the board :: View a PDF version of our Grand Overview of VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board presentation :: View Active Member opportunities available year-round.


Membership Benefits
Over 150 million performance share units have been allocated for compensation to Official Global Ambassadors over a maximum 3-year term period.

All committee chairs and vice chairs with a significant track record of performance will receive priority consideration for recommendation and/or appointment to upcoming executive officer positions.

As well, all Official Global Ambassadors and Active Members are eligible to receive significant Ad Hoc Cash Compensation on a performance basis and non-cash benefits in the form of heavily discounted services to their respective organization.

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Questions? :: Click on the LIVE CHAT button or send email to advisoryboard@virtualorganizationinstitute.com

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