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Welcome to The Social Media Watercooler
The Social Media Watercooler is the hippest virtual organization world place to be every Saturday between the hours of 5:00 AM - 9:00 AM PST (USA). It is for people who are excited about changes that are taking place in social media; advances in virtualization and collaboration tools; virtual organizations and virtual organization management, and the beginning of "The New Virtual Organization World" era.

You can help shape the discussions, format and direction of The Social Media Watercooler (like putting your stamp on it). The Social Media Watercooler will become more or less a second home where you get to hang out every week with like-minded people who are excited about The New Virtual Organization World and the opportunities before us.

For the corresponding time in your city or time zone, go here.

Main Features of Event Format

  • This very flexible schedule makes it possible for everyone to attend regardless of where in the world you are located. Come and go as you please anytime within 5 AM - 9 AM PST USA. Check here for your time.

  • A Live, interactive video presentation and discussion from 7:00 AM - 8 AM PST USA regarding "My Vision of The New Virtual Organization World: Global and Widespread etc...." via either Google Hangouts on Air or WebEx.

  • Other than the (7 AM - 8 AM) presentation, there are no lectures or formal meeting agendas although YOU or anyone can request to become a Contributor in order to invite your colleagues for a presentation at a specific time.

  • This event is open to the public at large - unlimited audience. Even though Google+ Hangouts On Air imposes a limit of 10 attendees who can actually be in the broadcasting booth during the live broadcast, keep in mind that we do have the Q & A (questions and answers) feature activated so you can chat with us in the live booth. As well, we don't expect all 10 attendees to stay there for the entire 4-hour period, therefore, some booth space may become available down the road.

Main topics of weekly discussions include:

  • One LIVE, interactive and very informal session regarding one of a series of topics included in the white paper, " My Vision of The New Virtual Organization World," hosted by Pierre Coupet, the founder of VOMI and the modern virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment disciplines.

  • Inside and Insider Tips by Contributors

  • New and Incoming Product and Service Releases by Contributors

  • Virtual Organization World Rumors and Gossips - you heard it through the grapevines by the first 10 attendees

  • Bona Fide News by the first 10 attendees

Request to Become a Contributor

Apply here to become a Contributor to The Social Media Watercooler. You can serve as Host, Co-Host, Speaker or volunteer on an available-and-as-needed basis. As a Contributor, you can request a specific time slot (up to 30 minutes) so you can share any information that you'd like to share with your own social network group members, clients, and the rest of us on a more formal basis. Here, you don't have to worry about being accused of engaging in self-promotion!

Weekly Session Information

We will be using Google+ Hangouts On Air or WebEx. RSVP Now for further details.

When we are not using Google+ Hangouts On Air, we will send you a notice to participate in a live, interactive, video conversation at:

  • Social Media Watercooler
  • Meeting Number:     195 427 958
  • Call-in Number:     +1 415-655-0001
  • Click Here to Join Us Every Saturday from 5 am - 9 am PST (USA) when we are not using Google Hangouts On Air.
  • RSVP Info:     RSVP NOW this one time only and, every week, we'll automatically send you an invitation with details regarding the new topic and location for the upcoming session.


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