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Virtual Organization Management Institute partners and collaborates with some of the world's most prominent thought leaders in business, academia, and government in order to continually pioneer, and or refine existing, next-best practices, policies and procedures on virtual organization management.

Our focus:

  • Research Panel. To promote virtual organization management and recruitment education, research and evaluation activities that will contribute to continued advances and breakthroughs in the discipline. Membership is open to all VOMI members.

  • Research Sabbatical. This Virtual Organization Management Research Sabbatical Program is open to mid-career faculty of universities and 4-year colleges and to industry executives worldwide who have been granted a paid research sabbatical leave; to recent Ph.D.s or Postdocs; and to Ph.D. program students pursuing dissertation with at least 1 year remaining.

  • Sabbatical Fellowships. We offer research sabbatical fellowships to both Ph.D. program students pursuing dissertation and to Postdocs for whom financial assistance from their home institution is available only part of the year; and to recent Ph.D.s who seek to pursue a career in virtual organization management and require financial assistance. The fellowship's tenure is for the full academic year (September-June). The stipend for the Research Sabbatical Fellowship is $30,000 to $50,000 and based on the decision of our committee.

  • Case Studies. We assemble a working group to conduct case studies on a select number of International Circle Member companies in order to address, from a virtual organization management standpoint, complex instances of "what is happening and why" in a member's organization. The working group's study is carried out over a period of 12 months and the results of the group's learning, experience, and valuable insights will be made available online to all Executive and International Circle members. The participation fee per senior company executive, excluding Research Sabbatical members, is $15,000 and includes the cost of administering the program and producing the research. Selection is limited to a very small number of international circle numbers per year and is based on the decision of our research committee and governing board.

  • Research Center. Executive and International Circle Members obtain access to surveys, document libraries, white papers, blogs, and research reports on virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment. Access member databases, create your own database and private contact group, participate in virtual forums, conduct polls, network with your peers.

  • Research Sponsorship. Enhance your brand in front of a highly targeted audience of business leaders. VOMI offers a variety of premium sponsorship opportunities designed to reach your audience with maximum effect.

Need Help?

Call skype id: Virtual.Organization.Management :: or send email to research@virtualorganizationinstitute.com


VOMI Virtual Organization Academy
A favorite sabbatical destination for corporate executives, researchers, and faculty members on sabbatical leave
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