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Annual Virtual Organization
Management Institute
Global CEO Summit
Global Think Tank
& Advisory Board
Virtual Organization Education
By invitation only - October 22-25, 2017
Join us at our inaugural annual global meeting of prominent industry executives and public policy leaders as well as leading thinkers and visionaries in business and academia around the world - as we explore the rapid virtualization of the workspace and the workforce and virtualization convergence; its revolutionary impact; and what this all means for your organization and its future in The New Virtual Organization World. Click here to request an invitation :: CHAT :: or email us for more information.

Exclusive Membership By Invitation Only
League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives
Join the League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives. The world's most exclusive and elite virtual organization membership club. Open to all Chairman and CEOs of Forbes Global 2000 companies, Top 100 investment banking and venture capital firm founders and CEOs, and all current and former heads of state.

Virtual Organization World Initiatives

When it comes to the new virtual organization world, VOMI is second to none in the number of initiatives (over 37 of them) we are spearheading in collaboration and cooperation with visionary, futuristic, and enthusiastic partners, colleagues and associates from around the world.

So join us in order to leave a lasting imprint on the path that we are charting toward a new course for humankind in the millennia to come.

State of The VOMI Union

Weekly segment broadcast on Social Media Watercooler
Every Saturday. Covers over 13 topics and subtopics dealing with current VOMI-related events and updates: VOMI Education, VOMI Financial Aid, VOMI Opportunities (Employment, Postdoctoral Virtual Organization Fellowship, Virtual Organization Internship, Joint Venture Partner, Licensing-Exclusive and Non-Exclusive, and Advisory), VOMI Global Think Tank Advisory Board News, Virtual Organization Recruiter programs and opportunities, VOMI Virtual Organization Academy programs and opportunities :: RSVP for any future event.

VOMI Scholarships and Postdoctoral Fellowships

VOMI allocates each year a total of USD $5 million dollars for scholarships and loans to secondary school and independent students worldwide based on need and merit. Applies only to VOMI students :: Also offers offers postdoctoral fellowships to recent Ph.D.s interested in virtual organizations and the virtual organization management discipline :: Learn more....



About Virtual Organization Management

Board Overview
VOMI Global Think Tank & Advisory Board is a global think tank and advocacy group for the titans and futurists of industry, academia, government and others from around the globe who are leading the march toward this world of virtual organizations we call: The New Virtual Organization World. Start here....
Postdoctoral Fellowships
The postdoctoral fellows program provides an immersive opportunity to recent Ph.D.s and postdoctoral scholars who are interested in virtual organization management training, research and publication, and are actively developing their work and career. More....
Board Internships
This virtual organization internship is part of a global educational residency training program at VOMI Global Think Tank & Advisory Board, effectively making each intern a pro tem member of the board. Provides a front row seat at the forefront of the latest virtual organization management developments at VOMI. Learn more...
Become a Distinguished Global Ambassador Board Member
Prestigious Board Member Appointment as Distinguished Global Ambassador representing your country as an honorary member of the Global Ambassadors Committee of VOMI Global Think Tank & Advisory Board. Opportunity to become an Official Global Ambassador board member and to introduce VOMI and partners at the highest levels of business, government and academia in your country. More....

Social Media Watercooler

Weekly social media event broadcast
Topic segments include: State of The VOMI Union. State of The New Virtual Organization World. All About Women in Tech and Social Media. State of Mars Exploration. Exopolitics. And anything you want to talk about during the Extra, Extra, Hear All About It! segment.

Held every Saturday morning PST USA via Hangouts On Air or other live stream provider. RSVP for any future event :: OR :: Apply to become a Social Media Watercooler Guest or Co-Host.

VOMI Special Bulletin

New VOMI Global Licensing Program

VOMI is pleased to announce a complete overhaul of all existing VOMI licensing programs and pricing structures for corporate, government and academia partners effective the beginning of the new year. Learn more....

VOMI Partners with VOMI Virtual Organization Academy
VOMI Virtual Organization Academy, the world's leading and only destination for Corporate Executives, Public Policy Executives, Government Executives, Military-Intelligence-Defense Executives, Researchers and Faculty Members who seek to Learn How to LEAD in a 100% virtual organization environment as well as obtain the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive designation. Learn more....

VOMI Partners with Virtual Organization Recruiter
Virtual Organization Recruiter (VOR), the world's leading and only provider of virtual organization aptitude assessment; Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification; and virtual organization recruitment services to business, government, and academia.

VOR is strictly focused on the assessment and certification of professionals who are able to adapt and thrive--and LEAD--in a 100% virtual or virtual organization environment. Learn more....


The world's leading and only 100% virtual educational institute, think tank, professional association, and certification and accreditation provider that is strictly focused on the virtual organization management discipline pioneered by its founder since 1997.

Master Designation Programs

VOMI offers three (3) master designation programs in virtual organization management to secondary school graduates and independent students:

VOMI Financial Aid

VOMI offers 100% financial aid for tuition to all secondary school graduates and independent students under the age of 26 whose annual family income is less than USD $100,000. Does not apply to professionals and independent consultants. Learn more....

Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessments, Training & Certification

The Business Organization of the past is over. The Virtualization of business is changing how your company works, driving productivity, cost-effectiveness and growth. But they have also created frightening new management challenges. How do you maintain real accountability from virtual employees and teams? Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment is the key!

Virtual Organization Management: Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment

by Virtual Organization Recruiter

Virtual Organization Management: On-Demand Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Assessment & Certification

by Virtual Organization Recruiter

On-Demand Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Assessment & Certification for Global 2000, Government and Academia

Virtual Organization Recruiter

Friends of VOMI

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